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Ender’s Game - review

The popular science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card has hit the big screen almost 30 years after publication. Everyone’s expectations have been very high. I will educate you briefly on the plot if you haven’t taken the time to read the book (read the book!).

A hostile alien race known as the Formics (“Buggers”) attacked Earth. Earth was saved by the heroic Mazer Rachham. Years later they are still preparing for another attack. Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) is involved in training the brightest children in search of the future Mazer. Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is an extremely clever young boy who is accepted into Battle School after a series of tests. He is great with war games, sticks out like a sour thumb, and has a slight problem with being aggressive and making snarky comments to his superiors. Ender progresses quickly and is sent to Command School. Once he reaches Command School he is trained by the very best and prepared to fight an epic battle. 

Ender’s Game is an amazing science fiction story full of adventure and struggles. He has to deal with an extreme lack of privacy, serious mind games, and boot camp style training. He morphs into a leader very quickly in Battle School. He makes a lot of friends (Petra, Bean, Alai) and a few enemies (Bonzo). Most of his comrades look to him for direction which proves his leadership ability. Ender is greatly tricked at the end which makes for a decent opening for a sequel.

Asa Butterfield as Ender was PERFECT. This young actor did such an amazing job of capturing Ender’s emotions and hardships. I enjoyed Abigail Breslin as Ender’s sister, Valentine. I really enjoyed the scenes with Asa and Harrison. Such an interesting dynamic. Seeing an old Colonel with so much hope for a young boy. He puts the weight of Earth on Ender. Ender is resistant at times but ultimately follows the orders he is given - for better or for worse. I saw Ender’s Game in IMAX and it was worth every dollar. You need to see this movie while it’s in theaters. 

Rating: A



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